We were hooked on the health benefit claims of raw APPLE CIDER VINEGAR before it was a “thing.” Seven days a week we down our daily dose. How silly to suffer the straight dose when we have the clever minds and wherewithal to mix up drinks that taste so amazing we would SIP, SIP, SIP all day long. As we worked the recipes, we made sure to include the 2 TBSP ACV plus other key functional ingredients that bring INCREDIBLE SIPPING FLAVORS to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced “sipper.”

As the story of our sipping drink unfolds we are noticing how we are a bit more adventurous, full of pep and curiosity—dare I say full of VIM N’ VIGOR? Seven days a week we clink our jars in celebration of our new sipping bevvies. And we note, sippin’ VIMIN always brings us to our HAPPY PLACE, the place where you can experience better.


Fabulous Packaging!

Why a jar, you ask? It's made for sipping!

Why It's Great

Cap it and throw it in your bag! Add ice, fresh mint or basil, fun straws, collagen powder...or just down it!